AAITF shenzhen autumn show, AKTUNING in here waiting for you
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Ast week we just finished the guangzhou exhibition

The boom has has not gone away

Don't you tink that's enough

AAITF shenzhen autumn exhibition


Shenzhen convention and exhibition center

Our booth number is 60301A

We have prepared everyting for and just want to give you better customized products


Always concentrate on making high performance,high quality auto parts and refitting products

Not onlt because this is our profession, but it's also the motivation for our work!

More product details, new product commentary, come to the scene to feel the refitting party!

Shenzhen convention and exhibition center

We don't see it today!

And so on

Do you think that's all?


With 7.19-21

The Latin American panamanian steam distribution show


Look forward to it

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