AKTUNING invites you to join the SEMA refit banquet
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  The SEMA show will be held at the Las Vegas convention center on October 31,2017,and is the world's premier professional reloading trade event.Exhibits range involves business service, automobile maintenance and spare parts,after the old car,automotive electronice and techology,high-performance tires and wheels, car performance parts, etc, at the same time, the exhibition of the audience are group of companies, chain, traders and many other international buyers, this exhibition is only open to professional audience, high degree of professional, also provides participants with education seminars, etc.

America (Las Vegas) SEMA reloading international steam distribution exhibition

Time: 10.31-11.2

Venue: Las Vegas convention center

Our booth number is North Hall 12668

For this exhibition, AKTUNING has prepared a large number of essential works

Reloading cars can be seen everywhere on American streets

Steering whell, drag hook, corner, carbon-fiber plate frame…


Make noise together!

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